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Traditional Wooden Toboggan

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Traditional Wooden Toboggan

Rutlands    Part No. DK2095

• Features a broad slatted seat which is a generous 730mm in length
• Folds flat when not in use so it takes up minimal space in the garage or shed
• Thick laminated beech construction makes this toboggan strong, yet light enough to carry
• Elegantly curved runners faced with smooth steel strip reduce friction to move faster
• A safety lock keeps the toboggan assembled and ensures that it does not fold up in use
• When assembled measures 1080mm long x 300mm wide x 230mm high

There is something magical about snow; no other type of weather has the ability to transform the landscape in the way snow does, blanketing towns and cities, hills and valleys and making everything look clean and bright. Many of our happiest childhood memories are of snow; building snowmen, having snow ball fights and, of course, the exhilaration of tobogganing. There was nothing quite like the excitement of tobogganing with your friends. Who had the best toboggan? Whose was fastest? Who would go the furthest? The winner would always be the wooden toboggan, travelling much further and faster than any plastic sledge. This is why we love this wooden toboggan so much.

Made to a design that has never been bettered, this traditional wooden toboggan features a broad slatted seat which, at 730mm in length, can easily accommodate an adult with a small child or two older children. With a plastic sledge the entire base of the sledge is in contact with the snow and this increases friction and impedes movement. This wooden toboggan has two elegantly curved runners that not only allow the toboggan to have minimal contact with the snow, they are also faced with smooth galvanised steel strip to reduce friction even further. As a result, this wooden toboggan moves faster and easier through the snow than its plastic counterpart. The toboggan folds flat when not in use so it takes up minimal space in the garage or shed. Its thick laminated beech construction makes this toboggan strong, yet light enough to carry and the folding mechanism uses sturdy steel hinges and supports for added reliability. At the back of the toboggan, a safety lock keeps it assembled and ensures that it does not fold up in use. The long pull cord comes with a wooden toggle handle and is sized to fit smaller hands comfortably.

We think this is an exceptional toboggan and cannot recommend it highly enough. This toboggan has been tested extensively by the employees of Rutlands Ltd and their children and they found it to be a much smoother, faster ride than a plastic sledge but was just as easy to pull up the hill thanks to the narrow runners. An excellent investment for any parent or grandparent or adult who wants to recapture their childhood. When assembled this toboggan measures 1080mm long x 300mm wide x 230mm high.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Amanda White
    So pleased Rutlands are selling these sledges again this year. Bought one last year for my two boys. They were a bit narky at first because they wanted a plastic one like their friends had but I wanted to get them one that would last. First load of snow we had and they were off over the fields with it. When the other kids saw how fast it went they all wanted a go on it. A definite winner with everyone. I've just pre-ordered another one so they'll have one each this year. Can't wait for the snow!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: John Davey
    Came home to find this had been delivered more than a week early. Wasn't expecting it until the 25th Nov. Very nice toboggan, very sturdily built. I am surprised at how flat it folds. I'm sure the grandchildren will put it through its paces the first chance they get. I may have to have a little go too but don't tell the children!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: H keighley
    This is a super sledge. Plenty big enough for my 2 kids who are now sat on it in the middle of the lounge. I hope the weather reports are correct and we get snow next week or else my kids will explode. This one will definitely last long than their horrible plastic sledge though. And it arrived a week earlier than expected. Thank you, Rutlands!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Gregg Hector
    Just received the sledge and although we have not been on the snow yet the first impressions are good. Appears well made and the fold out mechanism is excellent.
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