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Universal Ice Scraper with Snow Brush

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Universal Ice Scraper with Snow Brush

Rutlands    Part No. DK6201
Three handy tools in one, this universal ice scraper with snow brush is all that you need to move snow, de-ice and remove water and melting ice from windows and other surfaces. Extremely clever in its design, this tool actually comprises two elements that can be pulled apart: A brush and a scraper with squeegee.

The brush features two rows of tightly packed nylon bristles that are stiff enough to brush away thick snow but are soft enough not to scratch or damage the surface being brushed. Its long, contoured handle offers a secure grip on the brush and keeps your hands away from the snow as you work. The scraper, which sits on the front of the brush, has a hard plastic scraper blade for scraping ice and clearing frost and a soft rubber squeegee blade for wiping away water and melting ice before it has chance to re-freeze. The scraping blade has a smooth fine edge that bites effortlessly into the ice without causing harm to the surface underneath allowing you to use it on windows and car windscreens. This scraper can be used independently of the brush or attached to the brush when extra reach is needed. This universal ice scraper with snow brush is sized to be portable, is easily stored and is an ideal in-car companion during the winter months. Available individually or as a pack of three.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: J Dean
    Great 3-in-1 de-icer and very useful in the recent bout of cold weather.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: David Varley
    I have to say that the brush is excellent for sweeping snow off the car and joining the two pieces together makes the scraper long enough to reach the centre of the windscreen without me having to lean over the car. Brilliant!
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