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200mm Planer Thicknesser

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200mm Planer Thicknesser

Rutlands    Part No. XT3514

• Powered by a 1250 watt high torque motor
• Balanced twin cutter block with resharpenable blades
• Surface planes up to 200mm wide
• Thicknessing capacity of 200mm x 120mm
• Machined cast aluminium tables for accuracy
• Micro switch to prevent operation without guards
• Plane up to 2mm in one pass
• Ripple-free planing of hard and soft woods

This is an excellent planer thicknesser for hobbyist and small workshop use. Powered by a belt driven 1250 watt motor the machine and balanced cutter block house two resharpenable HSS blades. Rotating at 8500rpm you can achieve an extremely fine, ripple free finish on both hard and softwoods. The cast aluminium surface table measures 200mm wide and features a full width suva guard and a tilting fence for planing chamfers. By rotating the depth dial you can adjust the depth of cut in one pass from 0.1mm to 2.0mm. For operator safety the dust chute contains a micro switch which prevents operation of the planer if not in position.

The thicknessing bed will accept workpieces up to 200mm wide by 120mm deep and again will allow for 2mm to be removed in one pass. The bed of the thicknesser is stainless steel to prevent sap from slowing the workpiece passage. In thicknessing mode the dust chute with micro switch has to be installed on the surface bed and when connected to an extractor will remove fine dust directly from the cutter block.

Weighing 25kg this planer thicknesser is rock solid in operation and makes an excellent addition to the workshop. Supplied with a no volt release switch, resharpenable plane blades and micro switch dust chute. Highly recommended.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Power 1250 watt
    Voltage 230V
    Speed 8500rpm
    Surface Table 200mm x 735mm
    Fence Size 520mm x 120mm
    Max Depth of Cut in One Pass 2mm
    Thickness Table Size 250mm x 200mm
    Thicknessing Planing Capacity 6mm to 120mm
    Dust Chute Diameter 63mm
    Weight 25kg
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: J Simpson
    It took me less than 10 minutes to fully assemble my planer. All you have to do is attach the main fence using two allen bolts and insert the dust shoot underneath the planer table. Read the instructions though, as I could not get my machine to switch on. There are two safety catches on the dust shot that must be in their location slots. Clever idea as it prevents you from using the planer without covering up the blade from the underneath. Performance wise it has proved excellent. As with all planes less is more so I tend to remove 0.5mm at a time, this puts less stress n the blade edges and in my opinion results in a superior finish. I clocked the tables and across the full length on the diagonal and there was less than 0.5mm differential which is excellent for a machine of this size. In use the machine is very solid and does not need bolting down. Maybe on very large or heavy timbers you might wish to do so. The main table fence locking mechanism has two support arms to prevent wobble. The fence scale can be calibrated. Mine sat initially at 2 degrees rather than zero but a quick adjustment soon rectified that. The finish I have achieved so far on quite open grain pine has been excellent, so I would expect an even finer finish on close grain hard woods. Not the quietest of machines but then again planers never are. Out of 10 I would give it a 9.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Geoff Grimshaw
    Having used a large Sedgwick planer many years ago I was a lisle sceptical about a machine of this size. So far it has performed very well. I bought a number of lengths of rough cut 4 x 2's in 6 foot lengths and trued them on the surface table. Then I thicknessed all four faces removing roughly 2mm per face. The first time I used it I did not connect my extractor and the finish was not uktra smooth. When I did connect the extractor the finish was excellent. Dust gets trapped in the recess between the planer knives and the cutter block when not using an extractor. Overall very pleased with this planer and I would definitely invest again.
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