Gluebot Glue Bottles - Set of 3

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Gluebot Glue Bottles - Set of 3

Rutlands    Part No. DK7194SET3

• Unique design feeds glue from the bottom to ensure fresh glue every time
• Stop squeezing and glue is sucked back into bottle to prevent clogging
• Supplied with wide and thin nozzles
• Large base to prevent bottle toppling over
• Best selling glue bottle in USA

Gluebot glue bottles are designed with a two chamber system that pushes glue from the bottom up through the secondary side chamber which ensures fresh glue every time. When you stop squeezing the glue out of the Gluebot the glue is sucked back into the bottle to stop the tip from getting dirty and glued up. The wide mouth opening allows for easy glue refill and the wide base on the bottles prevent them from toppling over. A lanyard connects to the cap cover which fits over the nozzle to prevent dry out. Each bottle comes with two nozzles, one for applying a clean wide glue line and the other to apply the glue in a narrow bead for fine work. A guide fits to the nozzle to centre the glue line so that the glue does not spill over the edge. This kit contains 3 x Gluebot bottles: 16oz, 6oz and 4oz for all of your cabinetmaking needs. Excellent.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Sean Patchett-smyth
    theses are absolutely brilliant and well worth the money. And as well you get Rutland's great delivery service.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Ken Pemberton
    Just buy this. There's a reason why you see almost every American woodworker on YouTube use these. They rock. Buy your glue in bulk to save money in the long term, and trust these little guys to look after it. Apply glue easily and consistently in any orientation. Horizontal, vertical, at an angle, upside down, whatever... it just works. When you release the pressure, excess glue is pulled back into the bottle, so mess is minimised. I wouldn't be without mine, and ordered a spare set against the day that mine get "borrowed".
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