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Grr-Ripper Professional 3D Push Block System Advanced - GR200

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Grr-Ripper Professional 3D Push Block System Advanced - GR200

Gripper    Part No. DK7024

• The safest, most precise push block when sawing, routing and planing
• Downward force virtually eliminates kickback
• Inward force keeps stock firmly against the fence
• Forward force controls and feeds both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts
• Treaded grooves provide increased traction on the work piece even with sawdust

The Grr-Ripper 3D Push Block provides three directions of force, giving you superior precision, control and safety when sawing, planing or routing. The downward force virtually eliminates kickback and the inward force keeps stock firmly against the fence, whilst the forward force controls and feeds both sides of the stock for cleaner cuts. The Gripper acts as a moving blade guard for total hand protection. An adjustable center leg allows for adjusting to control the off-cut piece and prevents wood burn. The 1/4" leg controls the keeper piece and the Gripper is fully adjustable to allow for a myriad of uses. With enhanced versatility features, it will perform operations that were before very dicey and time-consuming with ease and speed. Whether you are making razor-thin veneer strips, building miniatures, or creating exquisite furniture you will save time, materials, and fingers with the Gripper.

The GR200 includes the following additional accessories:

The Adjustable Spacer which adds increased gripping surface for tackling larger stock. It also adds 25mm of cutting width to the Gripper. In addition it acts as a secondary balance support for small stock and straight-line ripping. This is a valuable addition for working on the router table, and eliminating snipe.

The Stabilizing Plate adds a new dimension of control to the Gipper. It is particularly useful when cutting small narrow pieces of stock. Perfect for trickier cuts like resawing, bevel edging, pattern routing, and much more. The Stabilizing Plate also performs as the secondary fence that travels with the Gripper along the left side of the stock. It holds the off-cut piece in its original position through the entire cutting operation. Watch the video and be prepared to be impressed.

Warning: All machinery safety features and guards must be kept in place and in good working order during the use of these push blocks.
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Clive Levan
    Just used this product yesterday, what a great invention it saved my fingers as the small piece of wood I was routing a bevel edge on was cracked and as soon as the cutter bit it splintered into 3 pieces. If I had been using anything else I would have been in A & E. Well done Rutlands and Grr-Ripper.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Chris Williams
    Just purchased this for my router table as i had a few kick back problems this as made life much much better. I must admit i was astounded by the grip and control over your work piece. Well worth every penny i paid for it i will be getting another one for longer work pieces.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Craig Hastie
    Bought one of these a few months back, great instructions, either printed and included or via included DVD or via YouTube search if you don't want to use the DVD. Griping material is great, very adjustable and has great accessories available, unfortunately not from Rutlands but will be getting them from alternative supplier. Am now purchasing a second to deal with longer stock. Very impressed overall.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Simon Pollitt
    I bought one of these about six months ago and it's fantastic, as I always thought that it would be too 'fiddly' it isn't! However today I had a trip to A & E as my other hand intersected the blade. I am now purchasing another. Please buy 2 and don't let it happen to you! Thanks Rutlands for the great service! Simon
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Dean
    I purchased this item back in October of this year. My first impression was how easy it was to assemble thanks to the perfect assembly instructions. I've been using this device on my bench saw for over a month and it's done everything I've asked of it SAFETY. Yet to use it on my Router table, I've no reason believe it wont be as successful. It's a great addition to my workshop. Yet another great product from Rutlands.
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Andrew Seears
    I have just purchased this product so haven't really had a chance to use it much. However first impressions are good and this seems a well designed and manufactured jig. My only criticism is on price as it seems quite expensive for what it is hence why I've knocked one star off.
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