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Bar Clamps with Heavy Duty Jaws

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Bar Clamps with Heavy Duty Jaws

Dakota    Part No. DKWK1
Due to their construction, bar clamps can exert great forces without deforming under the pressure being generated. Produced from flat aluminium beam with ductile iron heads and tails, these heavy duty bar clamps are an essential item for any cabinet makers workshop. The heads and tails of these clamps have flat bottoms to allow the clamp to stand, unaided, on the work bench.

The clamp is fully adjustable as the aluminium bar is drilled at 1" intervals and the tail can be locked off at any of these points to suit all sizes of project. The smooth running rolled acme threaded bar provides easy and rapid movement of the clamp head. Available in three lengths 36", 48" and 60". These are excellent clamps at sensible prices and can be used on all types of project from clamping panels and table tops to cabinet frames and carcases.
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  • Rating: review score 2
    Written By: Steffen Gyhrs
    Just got these clamps in a six-pack, sorry to say, not the quality you are used to from Rutlands. Assembling the workbench I also got ( top Qualy) these thin alu rails bended so the jaws stod in and angle off 4 degrees against each other. Had to apply another Clamp from the opposite side to get a zero degree offset. Will try to fill the rails with epoxy to stiffen upp the clamps Okay I have paid a tenner pro clamp, so You can't expect "Bessey qualy", but I feel a little cheated of the totally misleading other rewievs. With a little more honesty, one could better use the rew's as a buyers guide Knowing their distortion on load, I would have gone for better stuff, even if I had to lay down some more "green Stuff"
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Alec Rix
    The cabinet project I'm building was just too large for my current clamps so I bought two sets of six of these. 6x48 and 6x60. I love them. They are light, sturdy and useful. I don't think they'd squeeze a poorly fitting tabletop into perfect alignment, but they will hold a properly joined panel well enough. I'm looking forward to a long relationship with these.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Allan Hugman
    I purchased these clamps having a small workshop with limited space. These cramps where easy to adjust and light enough to manouver the work. I was greatly please to see that they were stronger than expected and cooped without deformation. Highly pleased and already planning more work.
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Nicole Britnell
    Light, easy and quick to adjust but the heads/jaws are hollow which surprised me. I used one to clamp and assert quite serious pressure on something slightly smaller than the head and the plastic covers bowed and actually came away from the metal framing of the heads. I can see these being very good at holding larger framework etc together while the glue dries. As I said, really light and easy to adjust
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Matt
    Other than the clamps not looking as vivid in colour and being quite chipped on opening they do exactly what you would expect from bar clamps and are more than worth the price paid on offer. As a tight Yorkshireman (hearsay) I am very happy with these clamps and will get more.
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Steve Tranter
    Not as strong as sash cramps but still very useful. These cramps are great when gluing up properly fitting parts. I always say that if you need excessive force to put a joint together then you haven't fitted it properly in the first place. Great value for money.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: R Giles
    These clamps are really handy for frame assembly. I purchased the pack of six 60' clamps on offer which has proved to be excellent value for money.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Peter Haigh
    these have deeper jaws than my sash cramps and are very useful when assembling wider frames. excellent clamps that i would not be without.
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