zz_20zz_G 6 x drop forged clamps
and 6 x 100mm squares
zz_26zz_J Clamping Square and Mini F Clamp Kit >
zz_20zz_G Work on corners and
T joints hands free
zz_26zz_J 90 Degree Corner Clamps >
zz_20zz_G Head tilts and rotates
to position your work
zz_26zz_J Universal Bench Vice with Suction Base >
zz_20zz_G With anti-slip mechanism
and large 800mm capacity
zz_26zz_J Pack of 6 Parallel Jaw Clamps >
zz_20zz_G Perfect for large
capacity clamping jobs
zz_26zz_J Pack of 6 x 1500mm Aluminium Sash Clamps >
zz_20zz_G Most powerful floor
board clamp available
zz_26zz_J Pack of 2 Floor Board Clamps >