Dust collection made easy zz_fzz_S >
zz_20zz_G Invaluable to all users of
power tools and machinery
zz_26zz_J 3 Metre Universal Power Tool Hose Kit >
zz_20zz_G Easily vacuum hard
to reach areas
zz_26zz_J Vacuum Hose Reducing Kit >
zz_20zz_G Clear and flexible
for ease of use
zz_26zz_J 2 1/2" x 3 Metre Dust Hose >
zz_20zz_G Designed for use with
2 1/2" and 1 1/2" hose
zz_26zz_J Floor Sweeping and Collection Kit >
zz_20zz_G Distortion resistant
with maximum flexibility
zz_26zz_J 4" x 5 Metre Dust Hose >
zz_20zz_G Extra long to connect to
tools normally out of reach
zz_26zz_J 32mm x 20 Metre Universal Power Tool Hose >