zz_20zz_G 220 grit wheel sharpens
the hardest tool steels
zz_26zz_J 8" Wetstone Sharpening System >
zz_20zz_G Sharpen all your woodworking
and gardening tools
zz_26zz_J 6" Bench Grinder with 250W Induction Motor >
zz_20zz_G Three jigs to sharpen
a range of different tools
zz_26zz_J Diamond Sharpening Machine >
zz_20zz_G Ensure the longest possible
life for your drill bits
zz_26zz_J Drill Doctor 750X Drill Bit Sharpener >
zz_20zz_G Extremely powerful yet
whisper quiet motor
zz_26zz_J Precision Grinder and Polisher with Flexi-Shaft >