Micro-fine router bit height adjustment when free hand or table routing

Micro-fine height adjustment handle allows you to precision set the cutter height when upright or inverted in a table.


It won't slow down under load

The 2200 watt variable speed motor won't slow down even when working with large diameter router bits ensuring a fine finish to the workpiece on hard, soft and composite woods.


A soft starter

Motor has in built soft start to eliminate sudden movement of the router on start up.


Extremely stable routing

Phenolic base plate measuring 160mm in diameter ensures excellent stability and smooth passage in free hand mode.


Micro-fine fence adjustment

All steel side fence features an adjustment knob that allows for micro-adjustment to set the routing width.


We don't put our name to any ordinary tool

2 year warranty; if the router fails due to a material or manufacturing defect it will be replaced free of charge... it's got our name on it.


The new Precision 1/2" Router - 2200W Variable Speed with Fine Height Adjuster


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