zz_20zz_G Excellent for applying finishes
glue or for general shop use
zz_26zz_J Shop Pack of 36 White China Brushes >
zz_20zz_G Quick and easy to
clean up after use
zz_26zz_J Pack of 40 Silicone Glue Brushes >
zz_20zz_G Brush heads apply a
consistent layer of glue
zz_26zz_J Pack of 100 Cabinetmakers Glue Brushes >
zz_20zz_G With a waterproof
non-stick design
zz_26zz_J Silicone Glue Brush Kit >
zz_20zz_G Made from flexible glue
resistant polypropylene
zz_26zz_J Pack of 20 Plastic Mixing Bowls >