Micro Dial Taper Jig

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Micro Dial Taper Jig

Gripper    Part No. DK7042
Create precise, repeatable tapers in three simple steps...

1. Set the angle: set by degree, rise over run, or to a line
2. Set your fence: and lock into place
3. Make your cut: the Micro Dial will glide against the fence while holding the angle you set

This unique jig allows you to cut precise tapers with ease and repeatability on your table saw and rout profiles on your router table. By using the 'Rise Over Run Color Match' dial you can set your taper between 0" to 2" with 1/16" intervals. It is provided with a simple step-by-step taper formula so you can eliminate the guesswork. Use the 'Degree Scale Color Match' dial to set exact angles as low as 1/8th of degree, and expands from 0 to 10 degrees with the simple turn of the dial. Measurement markings are color-coded and lock in place, so you get the exact angle you want, quickly. The 'Memory Locks' allow you to quickly set, lock and switch between angles, saving you the time it takes of building one-off shop made jigs that may only be used once.

Attach the Micro Dial to the Grr-Ripper 3D Push Block for the safest, most precise tapers you can achieve, enabling you to control your workpiece through the entire cut. You can even create 2, 4, 6 or 8 sided tapered legs with unmatched precision, control, and safety. The Micro Dial is available on its own or as a kit which incorporates the Grr-Ripper 3D Pushblock.
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