Pivot handle parallel jaw clamps with 7000N class leading clamping force...

You've tried the rest, now be impressed with the best


Pivoting handle maximises power

The unique pivoting handle gives better leverage to apply all 7000N of clamping force


Highest quality construction

Forged carbon steel jaws, durable glue resistant polypropylene casing and a zinc coated cold drawn steel bar


Revolutionary clamping mechanism

A hardened steel roller in the lower jaw ensures it is always at 90° to the bar to maintain the squareness of the object being clamped


Patented anti-slip technology

The jaws will not slip in either direction on the bar to greatly assist with setup


Size does matter

The large surface area of the jaws distribute the huge clamping force evenly to protect your projects


Stand to attention

A foot at the non-working end of the clamp allows the clamp to stand unaided, this can also be removed to convert the clamp to spreader


Lifetime Warranty

We don't put our name to any ordinary tool

If the clamp fails due to a material or manufacturing defect it will be replaced free of charge


Parallel Jaw Clamps with Pivot Handle