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Electric Nailer & Stapler with Impact Control

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Electric Nailer & Stapler with Impact Control

Rutlands    Part No. DK7086

• Fires type 53 - staples from 8mm to 16mm in length
• Fires type 48 - 18 gauge brads 15mm in length
• Anti-jam mechanism allows for uninterrupted nailing
• Adjustable impact control for use with varying workpiece materials
• Contact safety switch prevents accidental firing
• Low recoil levels for smooth controllable nailing

The first thing that you notice when using this stapler and nailer is the minimal levels of recoil. This is the result of a powerful 230V brush motor that drives the firing pin down onto the head of the fastener in one smooth, uninterrupted action. You can adjust the impact/driving force of the firing pin by rotating the dial on the rear of the gun. For soft woods simply turn the dial anti-clockwise and for hard woods turn clockwise, in doing so you can control the depth of penetration into the workpiece to ensure that the nail or staple head does not sit proud. This nailer/stapler will fire up to 20 times per minute which is ideal when fast action is required when stapling fabric to chair and bed frames or when making frames for kitchen cupboards.

It accepts industry standard type 53 staples from 8mm to 16mm in length and industry standard type 48, 15mm long brad nails (18 gauge). Fasteners are bottom loaded into the sprung loaded magazine and a safety switch prevents the nailer from firing unless the nose of the gun is depressed against the workpiece. An anti jam mechanism at the nose of the gun ensures continuous firing without the down time associated with unclogged trapped fasteners. Supplied in a purpose designed carry case this is an excellent stapler/nailer that will drive fasteners with a smooth, uninterrupted movement into softwoods, hardwood and composite timbers. Supplied with a small selection of brads and staples. Accepts nails product number: DK6790 and staples product number: DK7086A.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Staple Type No 53 - 8mm to 16mm
    Nail Type No 48 - Brad 18 gauge - 15mm in length
    Firing Rate 20 shots per minute
    Weight 2kg
    Power 230V with cable and plug
    Body Dimensions 230mm long x 190mm tall
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  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: Robin Beckford
    Seems like a good piece of kit for the price. Rutlands specifications state (correctly) that it takes Type 53 staples, though the enclosed instructions say Type 55.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: J.T.
    Fires nicely into soft wood moulding - then adjust the firing dial and it powers nails into hardwood moulding with as much ease.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: David Cotrell
    This is very powerful nail gun. Unlike my old Rapesco model it never misses a nailing and after a month it has not jammed once. Well made and great value.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Greg Hardy
    Never missed a shot since I have had it. Light powerful and no recoil. I've bought another for the day that I eventually where this one out!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Charles Deville
    I bought this electric nail gun for cabinetry assembly, mainly for adding beading to door and drawer fronts. The brads it fires have minimal heads and by using the dial at the rear of the gun I can adjust the impact setting so that the heads countersink. When you fire there is virtually no kick back in your hand, meaning that the nail always goes in where you want it to. My only negative is that the nose of the gun is wide and if you want to nail into a V corner you may have to get the punch out to finish it off. Used on very hard woods in cross and end grain without a problem.
  • Copyright Rutlands Limited 2000-2017
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