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Fujikawa Wood Chisel Set

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Fujikawa Wood Chisel Set

Rutlands    Part No. JP2130

• Hand crafted by Mr Fujikawa a Japanese master craftsman with over 30 years experience
• Specially laminated blades allow cutting edge to stay sharper for longer
• White paper steel blades coated with a forged soft iron hardened to HRC 62
• Hollow ground backs keep friction between the chisel and workpiece to a minimum
• Unparalleled in performance by modern day chisels
• Easy to sharpen and hone for a long-life razor sharp edge
• Fitted with red oak handles renowned for absorbing shock

Each and every one of the chisels in this set is hand made in Mr Fujikawa's workshop in Miki City, Japan. Hold one of these chisels in your hand and it is easy to see that these are genuine craftsman's tools.

The laminated blade features a white paper steel back that forms the cutting edge with a softer iron hand forged over the top. This white paper steel is hardened to HRC62, making it much harder than the steel blades of western chisels enabling it to take and hold an unbelievably sharp edge. The backs of the chisels are hollow ground to reduce friction and for greater stability when cutting close to the edge. These chisels are mounted on solid Japanese red oak handles using a combination of tang and loose tapered ferrule to give exceptional support to the blade. Japanese red oak is renowned for its shock absorbing properties. Mr Fujikawa's blacksmiths are masters of their craft and produce chisels that are unparalleled in performance.

This limited edition set of 3 chisels consists of 12mm, 18mm and 24mm chisels each supplied in a Japanese wooden presentation case. These hand crafted chisels are beautifully made, unbelievably sharp and easy to sharpen.
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  • Brand Rutlands
    Overall Length 220mm to 230mm
    Blade Widths 12mm,18mm and 24mm
    Material White Paper Steel & Soft Iron
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Robert W Farrance
    I feel the value in a review, is as an aid to other purchasers, good or ill, and I must say I found some comments about these tools a little off putting, and the price seemed a bit too good. Anyway, I bit the bullet, and what a good thing that was, they are brilliant value for money, superbly made examples of the Japanese toolmakers art. They are fairly sharp straight from the box, though only given a complimentary edge, any more and I guess they would eat their way out in transit. I have a half century of woodworking experience, and have completed research into tool grinding and sharpening for major toolgrinder company which was published world wide, this led directly to changes in the way various steels are handled, so I have a little knowledge on which to assess what's in my hand, as has benn stated by others, these tools are a bargain. A note on 'loose' handle ferrules, these are never usually fitted completely, but need to be carefully snugged down the handle by steady use of a file, to remove a small amount of wood at a time, until the handle protrudes through the top ring by a millimetre or two, this then acts as a cushion to the blow on the handle. And for goodness sake do not flatten out the hollow back. In short, these are lovely tools, and take a scalpel edge, which lasts.
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: James Duhan
    This is an excellent set of chisels - after considerable tuning both the performance and ergonomics are great. However, my set was a long way from ready "straight from the box". It took me 2-3 hours of fettling per chisel to get these tools right. The grind that formed the underside of the cutting edge and blade edges was not flat but convex creating a bow of 0.1-0.2mm over the 50mm blade length, easily visable to the eye. Lapping this flat was extremely time consuming despite the hollow grind helping to minimise the metal removal required. The bevels on the chisels were ground at seemingly random angles, namely 32, 36 and 38 degree. More annoyingly none of the bevels were even close to being square to the blade - again another slow rectification job getting a square 35 degree bevel on all the chisels. It's a bit disappointing that some sloppy finishing in the factory detracts from what would otherwise be a really pleasing tool set.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Mr George Wainright
    Simply superb and a joy to use. If you only ever buy one set of chisel make it these. They are a class apart from Western chisels.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Robert Arden
    I find these chisels excellent for fine detail work. The short blade length enables close control allowing you to precisely clean out dovetails and recesses. They are extremely sharp straight from the box, in fact each one had already cut through the protective edge sleeve in the inner box. After three weeks of work mainly with hard woods I have yet had the need to re-sharpen. As soon as you take a chisel out of its box you can see that they are hand forged and finished. They are a delight to use and I feel I am privileged to own a set that must have taken so many man hours and years of experience to manufacture.
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