Japanese Cooking Shears

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Japanese Cooking Shears

Rutlands    Part No. JP2000
Sometimes, raw meat and poultry can be a struggle to cut regardless of how sharp your knife is. Skin, fat, gristle and even small bones can make a knife's job nigh on impossible. Just as sharp as a knife, these stainless steel cooking shears have thicker blades and offer you much more leverage than you would get with a knife allowing you to cut the toughest meats with ease.

Not just suitable for meat, these ultra sharp shears will make light work of cutting shells on shellfish, chopping fruit and vegetables and even cleaning and portioning fish; in fact, the list is endless. Forged from solid stainless steel, these shears are easy to clean and very hygienic as they do not have painted or plastic coated handles. Worthy of a place in anyone's kitchen.

Made in Japan.
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