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Japanese Knife Honing Guide

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Japanese Knife Honing Guide

Rutlands    Part No. JP2102
It is widely recognised that the best way to fully sharpen and hone a kitchen knife is with a sharpening stone. Unfortunately, free hand sharpening in this way can lead to an inconsistent finish across the bevel which can result in a poor cut when using the knife. Specially designed for use with knives, this honing guide is easy to use and gives the same result time and time again for reliable, consistent sharpening.

This guide simply clips on to the back of the blade and raising it slightly which, in turn, presents the cutting edge at an angle to the sharpening stone. The knife can then be sharpened in full confidence that the knife is being honed to the correct cutting angle. For use with any length of blade, this honing guide can be repositioned along the blade and is designed to travel over the surface of the sharpening stone without causing damage.

This is an excellent device and makes sharpening knives incredibly easy. Made in Japan.
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    Written By: Duncan Finn
    Having bought good quality knives in the past I have been rather worried when it comes to sharpening them. Getting a perfect angle on the blade free hand is certainly not easy. When I saw this new product I knew it was just what I needed. Now I can sharpen all my knives with the confidence of knowing the angle will be correct
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