T9 Boeshield - Xtra Large 12oz

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T9 Boeshield - Xtra Large 12oz

Boeshield    Part No. DK7130

• Developed by Boeing to protect aircraft parts...
  now available to protect your tools and machines!
• Dissolves minor corrosion and leaves a lubricating wax coating
• Penetrates deep into metal surfaces to clean and protect
• Does not attract dust or debris, or rub off onto wooden surfaces

T9 Boeshield is a standard for lubricants and corrosion inhibitors across many industries. Its unique formula means that it performs like no other lubricant and there is not another product on the market that comes close to it in terms of protection. Silicone free, Boeshield contains a blend of waxes and solvents that penetrates deep in to the pores of the metal surface it is applied to.

It dissolves minor corrosion and, once the solvent evaporates, leaves a lubricating wax coating that is resilient to moisture and will last for months. This coating does not interfere or rub off onto wooden surfaces it comes into contact with. Useful in the workshop for cleaning and protecting machine tables and fences as well as offering superior lubrication to moving parts and motors, the wax based formula does not collect or attract dust or debris which often clogs internal mechanisms.

Developed by Boeing as a protective lubricant for aircraft parts, this high performance product helps to protect expensive machinery from corrosion. Supplied in a 12oz aerosol can. Shipping Restrictions - this product can not be shipped by air.
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  • Brand Boeshield
    Country of Origin USA
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  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Nic Murray
    Terrific stuff, I have been slowly restoring tools which have lain idle for sometime. It appears to soak into cast iron and leave a non sticky film which works as a lubricant. Using other dry lubricants on top of the T9 doesn't seem to be a problem either. On the whole I can't recommend T9 enough. Another case of something doing exactly what it says on the tin. Only gripe is it's expense - watch out for the twoofers!
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Mark
    Brilliant stuff..used this to spray inside my new On-one 45650b frame to rust proof it. It also polished up the raw finish nicely on my frame and I guess will help prevent rust on the outer frame tubes too. Really pleased with it.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Mark
    I was looking for a rust proofer for a new steel mtb frame, this Boesheild-T9 was well recommend for this. I found not many places selling this or similar products but I noticed plenty of sellers in USA but with p&p and import tax made it expensive and this was for a small 4oz can, the same applied to JP Weigle frame saver which is hard to find a supplier and was expensive for a small can. I found this Boesheild-T9 here and it's a large 12oz can, but best of all it was on offer, 2 for 1. I was worried about applying thisoto my frame as I thought it would be messy as I read that JP Weigle frame saver can be messy to apply and damage paint on the frame but it's not at all, it's kind of like wd40, it is really easy to work with. It's great for cleaning and wiping over the outer frame too as well as the inside of the frames tube. It's also great on chains and cables, infact it's a really great product for a mountain bike and I'm so pleased with it. It is expensive - even with getting a can free, at just ovet £30 I thought it was expensive but the 12oz cans contain a lot and even after spraying all the internal tuves on my new mtb frame it felt like I'd hardly used any, I will apply another coat later today, then it will have had 2 good coats of Boesheild-T9 to keep the rust out. The rest of the spray will be used for my chain lube and bike cleaning. It's too early to say if this product works well yet but it's easy to apply and work with, doesn't smell bad, doesn't damage paint work and is easy to wash of hands and clothes.
  • Rating: review score 4
    Written By: David Gibbs
    I bought this to prevent rust forming on tools stored in my hut but also to coat cast iron drill press and bandsaw tables. The information displayed on the can gives a net weight of 12oz - hardly helpful when you're trying to establish the actual capacity. In fact its 450ml. The aerosol sprays in somewhat course pattern rather than a fine mist which can waste some of the content. When sprayed on a cast iron table and allowed to dry it appears to form a slightly sticky surface which in the case of a band saw table, allows sawdust to adhere to the table. The non friction machinery paste may be a better alternative in this respect. In conclusion, it does proved an excellent barrier for tools that are to be stored for prolonged periods.
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Julian McGinty
    I always make sure I have a can of this in my workshop, perfect for keeping all my machinery in good shape
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: Tom Elmes
    Absolutely brilliant there is no other words to discribe this product only Absolutely brilliant, this is a must if like me you own expensive tools and care about them, I took a ten year old hilti multi drill / chisel machine removed the grease cap as always every year to regrease and decided to clean it up using T9 applied a little grease and hey what a difference its like a new machine I have tried most products but they all fall short of this one Absolutely brilliant every thing has been sprayed rust seems to disappear Absolutely brilliant
  • Rating: review score 5
    Written By: M Amos
    This is a brilliant lubricant and the best protection I have used for my machine tables. It doesn't transfer onto the wood which is a bonus and I must admit I also use it on my motorbike to protect the electrics from damp.
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